Volunteers needed

Get involved in our activities as a volunteer at the Open Door Foundation.

Why here?

Because here there is an open door for anyone who wants to give from his/her time, love & experience; you will meet a friendly, understanding, dynamic & loving staff; you will meet people who, through they have less than you may, know to smile, be thankful (grateful) for what they have & stand up through the hardships of life & go on.

Open Door Foundation is in need of:
short or longterm.

Materials / Supplies:
material donations such as clothes,bedding,shoes,blankets,pillows,non-perishable food,toiletries,hygiene products,detergents,plates,cups,school/office supplies,vitamins.

Work and Witness teams:
who would come for a period of at least one week, to come alongside our stuff and be involved in all the activities of the project, teach or counsel.